COSET Research Seminar

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Cancer Prognosis and Prediction: The Statistician’s Crucial Role – A Comprehensive Sequel

Building upon last month’s award-winning presentation, this one-hour sequel delves into the resurgence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its application in machine learning for cancer prognosis and prediction. The discussion will include the relevance of computational biology and the incidence of intestinal polyps in ApcMin/+ mice, highlighting the connection between intestinal polyps and colon cancer from a clinical perspective.  This joint presentation’s main focus will be the integral role of statisticians in developing predictive models using machine learning, as well as the benefits of utilizing nonparametric empirical likelihood theory-based statistical models. We can achieve more accurate predictions by employing empirical likelihood and reducing dependence on distributional assumptions.

Dr. Nancy L. Griesinger is a tenured professor of mathematics and statistics with a Ph.D. in statistics from Rice University, who has been teaching at the university level for 21 years at universities in Texas, South Carolina, and California. Dr. Griesinger is also the founder and CEO of Mobile Math, LLC, a mathematics tutoring agency.

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