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Dr. Griesinger’s mission is clear, “We are dedicated to our clients and ensure they understand everything before moving forward with their studies to reach their desired career path.” Dr. Nancy L. Griesinger, Ph.D., published the first edition of the only African-American woman-led University-level mathematics book for statistics, Elementary Statistics: A Guide to Data Analysis Using R, now available to Universities worldwide.

Dr. Griesinger’s textbook and lab manual provides a fresh approach to the subject through its innovative use of technology, real-life applications, culturally diverse examples, exercises, and visuals. In addition, the textbook and lab manual is a fresh approach to introductory statistics for current and future generations. This book offers a more visual and interactive approach for students learning statistics and undergraduate data analysis while still introducing the basic concepts of probability, random variables, and distributions. The co-authors (Nancy L. Griesinger (Author), Daniel Vrinceanu (Author), Monica C Jackson (Author)) goal is to present the material clearly and easily understood, with text design for both traditional classroom and distance learning settings.

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